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Thursday, September 20, 2007

We Have A Winner!!

I have tallied up the votes for our first contest and the winner is-----Ori Ayalon!!! It must have been that lazy eye of Blofeld that attracted you to the drawing.

Thanks to everyone for voting and thanks to our artists Ori, Ian and Ezio for participating in the first Cave Drawing Ink Contest!

Now Ori gets to choose from your suggestions for the next contest. We still have a few from the last one but we want more! So if you have an idea, theme or character that you would like the guys to draw e-mail us at cavedrawingink@yahoo.com We'll be taking suggestions throughout the weekend and then Ori will choose a subject on Monday. That's all for now but keep checking back for more updates!

- The Chieftan


Friday, September 14, 2007

Cave Drawing Ink Drawing Contest

After much deliberation and hand wringing over all of the great ideas from all of you we now have a winner! John S. from New York asked us to take on our favorite Bond.

So what we want you guys to do is to take a look at the three drawings below and e-mail us at cavedrawingink@yahoo.com and tell us your favorite sketch.

1. Ian Glaubinger

2. Ezio Flagello

3. Ori Ayalon

Now remember whoever you choose gets bragging rights of course but they also get to choose the next idea for a sketch and it could be yours!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pre-Cursor to First Annual Cave Drawing Ink Contest

Hi everyone--

I know you are all eagerly anticipating the sketches for our first Cave Drawing Ink Contest, and I want to let you all know that we will be posting the drawings later this week. So just below we have a sketch from our very own Jeff Zacholl, who because of his busy work schedule, will not be able to participate in the first contest, but wanted you guys to see something he's been working on. So Enjoy and check back with us here at Cave Drawing Ink later this week to vote on your favorite sketch.

Thank you,

- The Chieftan


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