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Friday, May 21, 2010

Dark-A Horror Anthology

Hi all you cavemen. A very good friend, artist, and writer to Cave Drawing Ink, Steve Wands, has been working his butt off creating and organizing a terrifying, entertaining, exciting prose anthology titled: Dark. It is a horror anthology of short stories that features some really fantastic writing. Some of our very own Cavemen may have found a place in it. It's only 12.95 and well worth it. Here is the promo piece for it:

Also here is the link to the blog:
Dark:A Horror Anthology Blog

You can purchase a copy from Create Space here.

And for those of you ereader preffered people you can buy it here (for only 2.49!)

Also you should check out Steve's blog if you're a horror fan:
Brain Damage

Thanks Everyone!


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