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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cave Drawing Ink Contest 5: We have a Winner!!!

The polls are closed and we have an official winner........It's everyone's favorite Fatman mobster---The Kingpin as drawn by Ian Glaubinger! Congrats Ian and also thanks to Ezio for his wicked Green Goblin and to Ori for his double dose of symbiotic heavies; Venom and Carnage.

I have chosen a name out of the hat and it is Cody B. from Manhattan, NY. Congratulations Cody!!! You have chosen the Kingpin sketch by Ian Glaubinger, we will be sending it to you shortly!! Thanks to everyone who voted!!!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cave Drawing Ink Drawing Contest 5

Hello all, it's time for another drawing contest! I'm sure you are all stuffed with turkey, but take a few minutes and check out what our guys have in store this week. Ori was the big winner of our Halloween Contest and he has chosen a pretty cool theme this week -- Spider-Man's Rogue's Gallery, forty years of villains from the Chameleon to Morlun.

Remember, when you vote you get a chance to win the drawing of your choice. Please have your vote by Thursday the 29th of November. To vote, just send an email with "contest" in the subject line to cavedrawingink@yahoo.com.

1. Ori Ayalon

2. Ezio Flagello

3. Ian Glaubinger


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cycle's End Updates!!!

I wanted to thank everyone who visited us at our table at Big Apple Con! Ori, Ezio, Ian and I had a great time meeting all of you. Here are a couple of pics and sketches from Big Apple Con!

These are from Zachary who was so gracious to send us some copies of the pics and drawings. Thanks Zachary!
Ori Ayalon - Sunday Nov. 18, 2007 - Big Apple Con

Boba Fett sketch - By Ori

Optimus Prime sketch - by Ori

The Thing Bar Mitzvah sketch - by Ori

Jeff Marvin and Ian Glaubinger - Sunday Nov 18, 2007

Also if you get a chance check out our first Book Review by Broken Frontier!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Big Apple Comic-Con 2007

Hi Everyone!!

Cave Drawing Ink's artists and writers will be attending the Big Apple Con this coming weekend!!

If you are in the NY Metropolitan area stop on in and see us either Saturday or Sunday.

Big Apple Con
Penn Plaza Pavillion
401 7th Avenue @ 33rd Street
(Across from Madison Square Garden.)
Tickets are $20 dollars per day at door / $18 dollars

You can check out the site for more details: Big Apple Con

We hope to see you there!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cave Drawing Ink Halloween Contest: We have a Winner!!!

Well the polls are closed and the votes have been tallied and the winner is........

Ori Ayalon!! A true representation of Halloween--but frankly I think it was the homage to Spidey that brought him over the top, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I just want to thank all our participants Ori, Zacholl, Ian and Ezio for some great sketches. I have just pulled a name out of the hat and it is----Chandler C. and his choice was Jeff Zacholl's Frankenstein Vs. Wolfman. Congrats Chandler!! We will get that sketch to you very soon.

Thanks everyone for voting!


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cave Drawing Ink Halloween Special

Yes I know Halloween has come and gone, but we felt it was necessary to have a definitive Halloween sketch contest. Ori won the right to choose the theme for the next contest and he chose Trick-Or-Treat, obviously. So let's see what the guys have in store for us this week.

Remember to choose your favorite sketch click on the web address below:


If you vote between now and midnight on Tuesday you get a chance to win the sketch of your choice!!! So enjoy and HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN!!

1.) Ian Glaubinger

2.) Ori Ayalon

3.) Ezio Flagello

4.) Jeff Zacholl


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cave Drawing Ink's Featured Artist: Elizabeth "Kibbie" Wynn

We here at Cave Drawing Ink know how difficult it is to get noticed on the larger scene and that is why from time to time we like to have featured artists show their work on our site. It gives struggling artists a chance to get there stuff out there for everyone to see. So here are a few pieces from Elizabeth "Kibbie" Wynn, a native of Massachusetts who now resides in Brooklyn, NY.

If you like some of the pieces, and are interested in purchasing any we put up here today, you can contact us through our cavedrawingink@yahoo.com site and let us know.

Thanks and enjoy!

1. Bowls

2. Autumn

3. Blue Green Print

4. Vibrancy


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